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Fetish Force

Four fisting bottoms respond to the order Show Me Your Hole, with skill, agility and showmanship as they show that fucking can transcend the cock, and intense pleasure can be delivered from the fist. Raging Stallion’s resident fetish director, Tony Buff, lays out four scenes of relentless fisting action in Show Me Your Hole. Is anything more seductive than a smile? In the case of Leo Forte, probably not, but no one puts ‘English’ on a forearm like Leo does. Just ask Zack Taylor, who learns first hand and fist the satisfaction that can be felt from Leo’s arm. Buff steps in front of the camera to push the envelope along with the sphincter and stretch Kyle Wood’s hole in the process. Then Christian Mitchell and Byron Saint flip-fist in separate scenes that give each stud the chance to showcase his versatility. The bottoms show that it’s the guys with forearms up their butts who are the tough ones. In Show Me Your Hole, they make you ask, ‘Which is pounding faster, the heart or the fist?’

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